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NDC Carolinas is thrilled to be providing a richer agenda for 2014, including events in Charlotte, Greenville, the Triangle, and Wilmington. As NDC Carolinas continues to expand with additional chapters, we add quarterly or bi-annual conferences, summits, or symposiums to the new location, always tailored collaboratively between Advisory Boards and feedback from community leaders. We’re also adding social events like Mixers into the Triangle and Charlotte areas.

The Charlotte Advisory Board has gone through some changes in 2014, but remains the strongest chapter. Our second annual Women in Leadership Symposium (WILS) will take place on March 4th at the Charlotte Omni from 8am-12. The theme is "Communication, Empowerment, and Influence", and this WILS will be more interactive with short presentations and facilitated group discussions, allowing for a more interactive and rich experience for our participants. Denise Cooper, Ivy Chin, and Dr. Loril Gossett present. Charlotte recently held From Boots to Suits: Empowering Female Veterans' Transition into the Workforce, which was a female and community focused version of our Veterans Summit series as well as their first Mixer. Mixers allow for member networking, opportunities to meet our local leaders, ask questions about the NDC, and find out about upcoming events in the area.

The Triangle Chapter was formed in late 2013 and will host its first event, the Inaugural Generational Diversity Summit sometime in June, July or August. It was originally planned for February 19th at the Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh, but we did not gather enough support to make the event possible then. Mayor Bill Bell, Lenora Billings-Harris, Dr. Anthony Newkirk, James Miller, Bob Crouch, and Charelle Lewis are the panelist with Sheila Forte-Trammel moderating. This is a new event for the National Diversity Council. It opens with an interactive presentation on the main characteristics of each generation in the workforce and then transitions into a panel discussion focused on leadership and cross-generational communication.

Our Greenville Chapter will soon host its first event, the Inaugural Healthcare Diversity Summit on April 23rd at the Greenville Convention Center. This Healthcare Diversity Summit will feature, is not only a discussion among leaders in the Healthcare industry, but also a Community Health Fair which is free and open to anyone in the community. The panel discussion will focus on intercultural communication with the Hispanic community, encouraging preventative healthcare, and adapting to our communities. The Community Health Fair feature free literature and noninvasive screenings as well as resource tables from lower cost healthcare, degrees in healthcare, hospital systems, and insurance options.

If you would like to know more about these events, please visit, place pointer over “What We Do” then “Events and Programs” and select the event you would like to know more about. To ask questions, volunteer support, or become a leader in our organization, please email [email protected].

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